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Give Joy and Peace

25 Ways to Joy and Inner Peace is the second beautiful book and meditation CD from Danette Watson and Stephanie Corkhill-Hyles (artist and Birth Journeys contributor).

This is a beautiful collection of inspiring and joyful images and an affirmation CD for new mothers offering a powerful way to recharge, relax, feel centred, nurtured and filled with love for themselves and their new baby. What a wonderful way to feel!

After benefiting from meditation, relaxations and hypnobirthing in preparation for birth, I found a void in my life once my babies were out in the world and in my arms. Although I was over the moon in love with my babies, I missed the wonderful energising, grounding and calming effects of meditation in my life. This book and CD set helped me to slow down and give back to myself as well as my new babies.

With meditations like these (following), 25 Ways to Joy and Inner Peace for Mothers has positive and reassuring messages for every new mother.

Breathing in… I trust that I am the perfect Mother for my baby.
Breathing out… I am exactly where I am meant to be and I have everything I need within me to handle all that Life and Motherhood brings.”

“Surround yourself with love and support.
Breathing in… I choose to gather nurturing, supportive people around me who extend love and caring.
Breathing out… I feel love and support flowing easily to my baby and me.”

“Be patient and forgiving with yourself.
Breathing in… I know there is no one right way to mother and no one mothers quite like me. I am special.
Breathing out… I am patient and gentle with myself…I allow myself to make mistakes as I learn and grow.”

I really recommend this as a special gift for new mothers or for women who are mothers to a baby growing within.

25 Ways to Joy and Inner Peace for Mothers is available from the Birth Journeys website for $29.95 We have only TWO copies!