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Birth Stories

Stories“Positive stories shared by women who have had wonderful childbirth experiences are an irreplaceable way to transmit knowledge of a woman’s true capacities in pregnancy and birth.”

These wise words from Ina May Gaskin, the renowned and much-loved US midwife, share the importance of positive birth stories in helping women to learn about birth. Stories share the learning, the preparation and the growth needed for a positive birth in our current birth culture.

The following stories are a mix of stories from readers and followers of the Birth Journeys book and excerpts from some of the stories in the book. They have been chosen to highlight information and birth choices that have led these women to their own unique positive birth experiences. This collection will grow each month.

My Monkey Self – an excerpt from Christina’s story published in Birth Journeys

A Mother’s Love – an excerpt from Elaine’s story published in Birth Journeys

Finding My Voice – a VBAC journey written by Kush for Positive a birth News

Choosing Support – a journey from a difficult first birth to an empowering natural second birth with the support of a doula written by Renae for Positive Birth News

A Gentle and Welcoming Caesarean Birth – a journey from planned home birth to a necessary and very gentle, respectful and tender caesarean birth written by Phe for Positive Birth News.‎

Can't wait? Do you want to read beautiful, deeply honest and personal stories that have been the result of  two years of writing, questioning, reflecting and learning? Do you want to read stories that go deeper and share the journey not just the birth?

Birth Journeys contains 29 carefully selected and beautifully written stories of the many paths to a positive birth. The stories are supported by information from some of Australia’s most loved birth advocates, doctors, midwives, doulas, educators and authors including Dr Sarah Buckley, Gabrielle Targett, Assoc Prof Hannah Dahlen, Rachel Reed and Justine Caines (OAM). Birth Journeys is available worldwide from the sister site to this blog as a print book and ebook: www.birthjourneys.com.au

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