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This article by Birthtalk shares the benefits of choosing a doula and talks with mums who have had doulas to find out how their doula helped them.

Melissa and Debby of Birthtalk were professional contributors to Birth Journeys and they support women and couples to help them heal from previous births and prepare for a positive birth. You can read more about Birthtalk and the services Melissa and Debby provide on the Birthtalk website.


A beautiful poem by doula Samantha Norman called Instructions for attending normal birth.

I wonder how many women have been lucky enough to experience a beautiful unhindered birth like this where all that is needed, and all that should be done is to watch. Watch and do not disturb. Beautiful! Thank you Samantha for putting this into words.

Birth is Not Therapy is a wise piece by Chloe Bayfield and every woman contemplating a VBAC or any birth after a previously hurtful, disappointing or traumatic birth should read her story.

Chloe is absolutely correct. We should not expect a particular birth, like a natural birth, a drug-free birth, or an ecstatic pain-free joyous birth to be the answer or to heal our hurts and make us whole.

My second birth was joyful, pain-free, empowering and inspiring! I did feel like a goddess! Yet it doesn’t erase the impact of my first birth. Birth can truly be wonderful, empowering and awe inspiring – but only a woman can do her healing for herself. It is her own emotional work, her own reflection and learning, her own story to process and integrate… and it can be like peeling back layers of an onion.

Each time I revisit my first birth story, I discover more – more grief, more tears, a little more anger, and more lessons for me. Strangely, I now also find inspiration and a greater understanding of myself. And this somehow makes meaning out of a birth that while not outwardly traumatic – left its mark on me.

It is each woman’s journey that changes her and makes her feel strong, wise and whole again and this journey goes well beyond birth.

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Birth Story – a journey from traumatic caesarean to healing

The following powerful story published on the Improving Birth website takes us from that place of hurt and betrayal from an unplanned caesarean birth, through a beautiful journey of learning and healing.

First and foremost, I needed to value myself as a woman and mother. If I had no self-worth, how could I expect that the experience of birth would offer me any more value than I already had for myself? What my second birth taught me is that when one values herself even just a little bit, her confidence prompts others to treat her with respect. I needed to take that sense of self-worth further, and rise up out of victimhood and into empowerment.

Read the full story on the Improving Birth website where they are celebrating April as Caesarean Awareness month.