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Creative Parenting for Fun – ebook giveaway


From My Bookshelf

I’m very excited that my friend Amber Greene has just published her ebook, Creative Parenting for Fun: simple secrets for transforming your family life, one idea at a time. I am reading Amber’s book at the moment and I am loving all the crafty inspiration! From songs, to toys, to simple ways to make each day special and flow a little more easily, Amber’s book is full of ideas, strategies and knowledge. Amber has worked with young children for over 20 years as a teacher and playgroup leader and she is the mother of an 18 year old, a 5 year old and a newborn.

Visit Amber’s blog Parenting Fun Everyday to see how Amber supports parents to live a creative life with their children. Amber sees creativity as a means to enjoying the journey and create win-win situations in the home to reduce frustrations, stress, and behavioural challenges too. Sign up to her monthly newsletter and receive a free downloadable Weekly Meal Planner printable.

Buy a copy of Amber’s book by May 30th and you will go into the draw to win one of 19 fabulous prizes donated by Amber’s sponsors! Creative Parenting for Fun is available as a downloadable ebook for $30 or as a special duo pack of ebook and paperback for $60.

Creative Parenting for Fun BookGiveaway

Amber is hosting a giveaway of her ebook for one lucky Birth Journeys friend.

To enter, follow both of these steps.

  1. Sign up to Positive Birth News
  2. Leave a comment below sharing a time when you used a creative or imaginative solution to make an everyday problem with your child easier and happier (eg bath time, getting dressed, sitting in the car seat).

Giveaway closes on May 20, 2013. My favourite comment will win a free copy of the ebook Creative Parenting for Fun.


6 thoughts on “Creative Parenting for Fun – ebook giveaway

  1. We use creative solutions every day!! This morning during cuddles in bed my strong willed three year old was trying to force herself in between myself and my snuggly, passive five year old. Basically the morning cuddles were about to be finished up when my husband told her he had a special secret just to show her and took her off to see the kookaburras sitting on our washing line. Mum didn’t end up cranky, big girl got her much needed cuddles and little girl was very happy with her surprise. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book!

  2. Wonderful giveaway, thank you for sharing it with me 🙂 And I’ve signed up for your news too! A great creative solution that I learned last year at playgroup, and now occasionally use, came up when my son was rather interested in turning toys into guns (which I am not a fan of!), and the playgroup leader encouraged him to take apart his ‘gun’ and ‘clean it’, and to be very careful and purposeful in this cleaning… by the time it was done, he was rather over the idea of playing with the ‘gun’!

  3. Amazing giveaway, have signed up, and my creative solution involves nappy change time. My 2 year old son has always hated it, often throwing tantrums, till I made a game out of it, by keeping everything light and fun, we get the nappy off/on and have such fun giggling as we do, much better than stress and crying.

  4. I’ve subscribed, and my tip involves turning nappy change in to a game, my 2 yr old tries his hardest to not let me get the nappy on (all the while giggling-mainly because I am too), while I try my hardest to get it on. I let him have a bit of battle, but I always win in the end, and the giggles and cuddles are far better than the tantrums and stress.

  5. Getting the kids to pack up toys at the end of an activity or the end of a day can often be a real struggle. We’re very big on rhythm here so when I want the kids to pack up I simply start singing our packing up song ‘we’re picking up, we’re packing up, we’re putting things away. Now it’s time for packing up another busy day’. While I’m singing I start putting things away myself so the kids can follow my behaviour. Usually they just start following what I am doing without even thinking. There’s no arguments, no disagreements, just a peaceful and harmonious house while they do it 🙂

  6. Unable to ignore the usual mess of life with a toddler (you know, when you’re always playing on the floor but your eyes and focus is drawn to the dust and goodness knows what else under the furniture?), I HAD to vacuum. Master 3 is in a super hero phase, so we got in character. He used his super powers to help move the furniture, then wielding the hand vacuum, he proceeded to suck up all the baddies as I got to the real cleaning with the big cleaner. A little imaginary flying and theme song singing and the job was done. I’ve not always got the energy to turn things into a game, but it’s the best (and only) way I can see that things can get done when there are little people underfoot!

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